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Tinicoterie Let It Roll Pearl Bracelet in Sterling Silver - Product Shot


Contemporary bracelets that glistens and flows with your hand movement

Tini Bonsai Earring - Sterling Silver - TiniCoterie - featured in Elle at


Unique statement pieces to show off your personality;
Sold as Singles and in Pairs
Loose Ends collection - Gold vermeil silver stud earrings and pendants


The Loose Ends collection is a reflective response to our ever-changing world. In a realm of information overload and shifting dynamics, navigating life's enigmatic mysteries becomes an art.

Inspired by the modern-day complexities of life, our collection embraces the intricate beauty that emerges from its twists and turns.  Our jewellery embody resilience, each serves as an invitation to embark on a profound spiritual journey, mirroring the sentiments beautifully expressed by Rebekah Fitch in her song — after which the collection is eponymously named.

Tinicoterie Frosted Mirror Vase Necklace - sterling silver - model front


Elegant & playful neck pieces handmade in Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil
Fluid form gold vermeil silver drop earrings


There is something inherently melancholic in the rain;
a melancholy so beautiful, like slow blues.

The Petrichor Collection is an expressive outcome from an untold amount of rain watching in the infamously drizzly capital, with an intent to capture the lyrical profile of dribbling raindrops.

Let It Roll Pearl Ring - Sterling Silver - TiniCoterie


Charming dainty rings that feel personal and sweet;
Bespoke sizing available

Sterling silver ring with six rolling pearls


The Roll'a Pearl Collection set out to introduce playfulness to conventional pearl jewellery - we came up with an ingeniously way to set the pearls so that you can indulge in their charm left, right, and centre as they roll around.

We want you to adore your jewellery, but more have fun with them!  We hope one of these wearable pick-me-ups does it for you.


Fluid Gold Vermeil Necklace with white pearls


The Still Collection celebrates the beauty and calming energy of objects in their still, quiet form.

Inspired by the recollection of a serene daybreak on the snow-clad Alps, each sculptural piece within the collection is an ode to the awakened feelings of the sublime and holy.  

Pearl gold vermeil silver skinny ring with diamond textures


Delicate, unobtrusive pieces adding refined touches to your everyday outfit.

Tini Classics are feminine, elegant and sometimes playful; the understated designs make styling a breeze, whether you decide to wear multiples or just a single piece.

Mini vase silber earrings styled with dried flowers


Inspired by the modern nomad lifestyle - a conscious choice to rid a permanent residence, travelling constantly in order to experience life to the fullest - the Traveller's Vase Collection set out to challenge the common notion of what is considered wearable; playing with the idea of 'wearing nature' in its rawest form. 

Designed for the creative ones who love to get experimental with what they wear.