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Size Guide


How do I know my ring size?

Visit a local jeweller: Getting sized by a jeweller is usually the most accurate.  Be sure to obtain the diameter/circumference measurement - not just the ring size number - as some jewellers use different size charts. 

Measure at home: Use a piece of inelastic string/floss to take the circumference of the finger, mark where the string meets and then measure the length against a ruler.  Find your UK ring size according to the size chart below.


If you already have a ring that fits you well, you can measure the diameter of the ring (at the centre of the band) and cross reference the measurement with our size chart.  


When to measure?

At the end of the day and when your fingers are warm (Fingers are smaller in the early morning and when cold.)  Measure the intended finger size 3 to 4 times to eliminate an erroneous reading.


Other Considerations:

  • Your fingers tend to change size across seasons - they swell up a bit during warmer days.
  • A ring with a wider band will fit tighter than a finer band and you may need to go one size up compared to your usual size.
  • If you’re in between ring sizes, or if you find that your ring fits differently from time to time, always choose the slightly larger ring size.  


Size Chart

    G 45 1/2 3 1/2 5.5 14.5 45.5
    H 47 4 7 14.9 46.8
    I 48 4 1/2 8 15.3 48
    J 49 4 3/4 8.5 15.5 48.7
    K 50 5 1/4 9.5 15.9 50
    L 51    5 3/4 10.5 16.3 51.2
    M 52    6 1/4 12 16.7 52.5
    N 53 1/2 6 3/4 13.5 17.1 53.8
    O 55    7 1/4 14.5 17.5 55.1
    P 56    7 3/4 15.5 17.9 56.3
    Q 57 1/2 8 1/4 16.5 18.3 57.6
    *International size conversions only serve as a rough guide, please always refer to measurements for better accuracy.


    Ring size not available?

    Please email us your preferred style and ring size, then we’ll be able to confirm if the requested size can be custom-made for you.  (Please note that customised orders cannot be returned.)
    Once this is confirmed, you can place the order by selecting ‘bespoke’ from the drop-down size menu, then write down the name of your ring and preferred size under ‘Special instructions’ in your Shopping Cart.


    Still unsure?

    Email us at and let us know how we could help! 



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    You can always check the necklace length against yourself using a tape measure if you want to be sure how it will look on you.

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