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Bria Ring

Size guide

This ring features a unique molten form created using wax sculpting techniques flows gracefully around the finger, as a metaphor of our thought-forms.

Forming part of the Stream-of-Consciousness Trio Ring Set, Bria represents vigour, liveliness; sweet but spirited — perfect choice for gallery hangouts or a soirée.



  • Materials - Recycled Sterling Silver
  • Finishing - High Gloss or 18ct Gold-plating or Black-plating
  • Band width - approx 3.0mm at its widest
  • Thickness - approx 3.1mm at its thickest
  • Form and shape of each ring may vary slightly across sizes due to its handcrafted nature



This piece, along with most designs by TiniCoterie is made-to-order specifically for you.  Please allow 2-3 weeks processing time before shipping.  Feel free to contact us at for details or special requests.

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